The world wants to contact you! by Telephone, Direct Mail, Fax, Email, Internet, Social Media, SMS...

Christian Contact Solutions has positioned itself at the forefront of call management solutions.  We will continue to provide outstanding quality of service alongside the newest technologies.  Our clients benefit from:

  • A local UK telephone number displaying greater regional commitment and building confidence

  • We make a point to fully understand your organisation; we care about your Partners/Donors and are proud to be the voice of your Ministry or Charity within Europe

  • Our state of the art Centre is fully equipped to handle large volumes of simultaneous calls 24 hours a day 

  • Your products are fulfilled on a daily basis through the production of personalised responses – exactly to your specifications.

  • You decide the scope and level of service require and receive a bespoke package completely designed for your specific needs

  • Our full range of services is available to you, designed to assist you in developing and growing your Ministry or Charity to a higher level

Our Background

With over 10 year’s operational experience, CCS is the premier Christian Contact Centre based in the UK.  Our sole objective is to bring professional and Christian contact management within the reach of those Ministries and Charities who are not yet established locally.

We recognise the fact that there are many Ministries and Not-for-Profits based outside Europe that do not have an office in the UK.  They mostly have facilities on their internet site to purchase merchandise, which is then dispatched from outside the European Union. Donation & Prayer lines  too are all costly international calls.

Research of Christian TV stations and associated Ministries and Charity appeals aired throughout the UK and Europe reveals that they are forced to use secular centres for calls, fulfilment and mail.

Christian Contact Solutions was established precisely to fill this gap in both the Call Centre and Fulfillment needs of both UK and US based Ministries.  Our comprehensive range of Contact Services afford you the opportunity to rest assured that your partners would be receiving a professional service from Call Centre operators who all have a solid Christian background. 

Christian Contact Solutions is a market leader, offering extended hours of operation, incorporating primary response handling (telephone, email, www, sms/text & mail), transaction processing and related fulfillment all under one roof. We cater specifically to the growing popularity of Christian TV, Christian Radio, Webcasts and all other media throughout the UK and Europe.